About a month ago, on March 3, Steven and I made the official announcement on Facebook that we are expecting a baby in September! Here is the cover photo I designed to share the big news:

Baby Tarchala - September 2012

And here is a second option I made:

And a few photos from the same photoshoot we did together:


It was so wonderful to finally share the news. We told a few select people in the weeks leading up to the big announcement, but it was kind of nice to just enjoy it quietly with the two of us for awhile. I was pretty sick starting at week 6. I’m still not feeling tip-top, but things started to ease up around 12 weeks. Which is right when I was able to announce! So a week before, we went out and bought a nice bunch of yellow and white balloons and scoured the apartment complex for an appropriate wall. It was a fun day, taking those pictures and getting excited about something beyond feeling sick and foggy all day. After the announcement I felt like I could really get excited about the reality of it all. It’s been great to talk openly with my family and friends and other moms and to get support on Facebook from people who sympathize with what I’m going through (when I post a bit over-much on my pregnancy symptoms and cravings haha).

I’m planning to post my progress photos and some little stats each week. I still haven’t settled into a schedule/routine for those yet but I hope that I can eventually keep them consistent to a specific day each week. I’ll be posting my 14-week post today, since it was last week. 🙂

We love you all! Thank you for all the well wishes and the encouragement and for sharing all this joy with us. It’s been (and will continue to be) wonderful! 🙂