Baby Bump | 37 Weeks

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Well, better late than never, I suppose! Still, almost a week? I suck…

I still wrote this update last week, though, so you can keep that only-barely-relevant thought in mind.

I am finally starting to feel the way so many moms and people have warned me I would feel as I approached my due date. I am getting anxious for this baby to be born. I still hold fast to my true desire/belief, which is that Baby Tarchala will be born on either Sept. 17 or 21. I know that is odd, but I just like those days and decided to pick them. I guess it’s me saying “if you’re going to come early, only make it a couple days so daddy doesn’t freak out too much” and “if you’re going to come late, please come before they induce me.”

We finally have the nursery finished!!! There are tiny things that we’re waiting on but they are things I have no control over and will just happen when they happen. We won’t get our glider until mid-September to mid-October so that will be a big thing to finish it off. I also have two images being framed to hang over the crib so when Hobby Lobby gives me the go-ahead I will have those. I also have dreams of making a knit hook-rug for the floor, but that is going to have to be a post-baby project. All other crafts are either supplemental (such as additional burp cloths and blankets and changing pad covers), or for other babies and mommies I know. Those are also things that can wait until post-baby if they need to.

Post-baby. That is one of the huge things on my mind (besides thinking constantly about child-birth and labor). In all these matters I really have no clue what to expect. I feel like I’ve filled my brain with advice and tips and warnings from moms and parents everywhere, but it really doesn’t prepare you that much because every person, situation and baby is so different. So I try to focus on the things I can pretty much depend on. Things like knowing that by the end of this month I will have had a baby, that he will have a name, I will be able to hold his little, swaddled body and touch his tiny fingertips. Whether I have a long, miserable labor or a quick, wondrous one and whether he is a quiet, easy baby or a loud, demanding one, these things will be true and I will love him just as much and be just as happy to have this baby.

Physically, there are other signs that I am ready for this. I basically have given up on bending over, getting up or doing really anything that I don’t want to do. I have essentially settled for laying back and waiting for labor to begin. There are still a few things I MUST accomplish before then, but I am just going to have to try to force them in between naps and  pee-breaks. Here are the victims of my procrastination:

  • Choose Pediatrician
  • Prepare and freeze some meals
  • Finish packing the hospital bag
  • Pack up the boxes of garage sale items in our hallway
  • Photograph some images for my maternity book
  • Clean off my desk

I feel like some of those things will just have to happen at the last minute and some might just not happen (like freezing the meals. We don’t even have room in our freezer, so I’m worried it’s just wishful thinking anyway).

So that’s where we are right now! Stay tuned for week 38! 🙂

The Bump

Baby’s Size| like a stalk of Swiss chard

How far along | 37 weeks

Sleep | This is primarily a continuation of last week. There is just such a MASS of baby and belly there that gets in the way anytime I want to shift around.

Clothes | I don’t think clothes really even rank right now. I’m mostly happy to have clean clothes to wear and something that keeps me cool.

Cravings | Beth and I were lucky enough to taste a bite of hotdog in the new King’s Hawaiian hot dog buns when we were at Walmart. That means I have been craving hot dogs. SO healthy. Haha. Also we made this amazing apple dip with cream cheese and caramel. I may have indulged a few times.

Food Aversions |  Nope!

Symptoms | The main things have been that I’m sweating like nuts, experiencing joyous twisting sensations in my nethers, and sore feet as I waddle around all day in a cloud of stink. Pregnancy is so pleasant…

Doctor’s Appointment | I promised an update from my first cervix-check appointment, so here you are! (s0 fun) I was almost a 1. Dr. said she guessed the baby was around 7 lbs and head down. Everything is looking good!

Movement | Shifting around in his tiny little home. I get what I call “butt bumps” when he sticks his little booty out the left-front side of my belly. Streeetttcchiinngg.

Belly Button | OUT. Oh it is officially out. Not very pokey, but it is OUT.

Gender | Baby Boy

Best moment of the week | Finishing the baby room and becoming full term!

What I miss | All of the usual.

Baby Bump | 36 Weeks

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We’re chugging along! My updates cover the previous week , so that means I am now officially full term! SCARY AND AWESOME!!!

Last week was so busy and crazy! I spent every day working on baby shower stuff with my friend, Beth. We’re both pregnant, which presented its own set of challenges, but I feel great that we accomplished so much so quickly and I think it turned out to be a gorgeous event! I’ll probably blog about it sometime soon. If I remember. I have so much still on my list! But I just keep seeing items get marked off one by one and it encourages me. I’m hoping that by the end of today I will be completely finished with client work and able to move on to baby-prep things only!!! We shall see!

Little things keep happening that give me mini panic attacks. It’s like my body is giving me little hints and warnings that it won’t be long and I need to get my butt moving. I’m SO tired again lately and it makes it really scary considering I planned on getting so much done before baby arrives. Steven’s grandma very sweetly offered to pay for Molly Maids to come in and help me clean up the apartment and take care of some of the things I can’t do very easily with my big belly in the way. I really appreciate it because it was stressful to think about having to deep clean the apartment in preparation for baby when I can barely walk from my computer to the bathroom. They came in yesterday and the place looks great! I feel the best about the places that you can’t see, like the doors that got wiped down and the mold and dust that has been found out and eliminated.

I know I keep repeating myself but I can’t stop thinking about how great it will be when my “work” work is done this week and I go have a massage and a pedicure and get to focus entirely on crafting the few remaining things for the baby room and organizing the last of his things and preparing various bags and bins so that when we come back with baby in our arms we will be able to focus on our new family.

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Size of a Crenshaw Melon.

How far along | 36 weeks

Sleep | I have been sneaking the temperature down just a bit each night and I sleep so much better that way. I still seem to wake up at a time between 3-5 a.m. and then it’s hard to get back to sleep. It’s very annoying since I usually get nauseous and hungry and it makes it worse.

Clothes | I get so excited when I do my laundry and get to wear my comfy pants and the only underwear that fits lol.

Cravings | I would say the most consistent thing for me has been cereal. Lately I eat a lot of raisins and decaf coffee and I’ve been eating Raisinets and Andes mints after every meal. I think it’s ok though because it keeps me from eating a full dessert that would probably be even worse for me. I begged Steven for Taco Bell last night and I think that’s about it!

Food Aversions |  Nothing! I think. 🙂

Symptoms | The pupps is so much better!!! I even stopped applying the cream I was using. I’m not sure if that is a good thing to do, but it’s so much better I decided I might as well end the regimen earlier than planned. I’m really relieved because it doesn’t give my doc any more reason to push an inducement. Looks like that hurdle is out of the way for now!

Doctor’s Appointment | I got to have my cervix checked. Yay! Haha. Everything is looking great and on track. I’ll go into more detail next week when I update on my 37th week.

Movement | He is getting cramped in there, I think. He must be pretty low, too because my cervix is getting quite the beating these days! I get such intense stabbing pains that stop me in my tracks and give me what I like to call “insta-pee.”

Belly Button | An outie. I think it looks like a butthole. (Sorry, that was crude). Also it’s off to the side and the crookedness makes me giggle.

Gender | Bebski (Steven’s newest nickname and it’s adorable.)

Best moment of the week | Pulling together the baby shower and getting a huge amount of work done already this week even though I have such a small amount of energy.

What I miss | The usual. feeling normal, not being hot and sweaty all the time. But it’s all nothing compared to my excitement and anticipation of meeting our little boy.

Baby Bump | 35 Weeks

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Lately it seems that every time I go to write the newest update post on this pregnancy I think to myself “but didn’t we just do 35 weeks?” or something to that effect, then I’ll realize that was 34 weeks, but it feels like yesterday. I’m a little scared of writing “40 Weeks” and feeling like it has only been moments since writing this!

This week can be characterized by my body’s realization that labor is imminent. I have had a huge increase in Braxton Hicks contractions just in the last several days and I am all of a sudden so tired and yet can’t sleep. All the 3rd trimester symptoms I had heard whispers of but had so far escaped. Until now. Panic is rising every day that I wake up, try to accomplish a mountain of tasks and then end up going to sleep having accomplished only the most minute of details the entire day. I end the days so tired, physically, and drained, mentally.

In the last two days alone I’ve had so many people comment on my pregnancy that I honestly can’t remember the number. They are the usual statements I’ve become accustomed to: “Is there just one in there?” “You’re having twins, right?” “Oh, well you must be due tomorrow!” “September? Wow, you look [big][low][insert indication here].” It really doesn’t bother me. It amuses me and it just makes me realize how soon this could be and that’s kind of exciting. So it’s ok. Lol.

Last night I sat down and wrote a list of all the things I need to do still. It was long. It fit on one side of paper (barely), though. I guess that is a good thing. Haha. We got the mattress and changing pad in on Monday and it encouraged me to finally finish the crib skirt I made. It was quite the ordeal. Lots of bending over and ground work that my body was not very happy with. As far as DIY goes, the biggies still left include: Sewing 2 Changing pad covers using this tutorial, Finish designing my wall art for framing, Sew a second pillow. Then I have various DIY projects for other friends and mommies-to-be. The rest is either buying, organizing or installing things.

I could just ramble on and on about how much I still have to get done, but I should probably just go now and try to actually DO those things. 🙂

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Honeydew Melon. Awww.

How far along | 35 weeks

Sleep | Has been a fickle mistress. I’ve been able to peacefully drift off to slumber most nights, but then I am likely to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep for hours. Once it was from 3:00-6:00 and last night it was from 12:00 – 2:00. It’s miserable because my body is still tired, it just can’t seem to get back to sleep. And tossing and turning is a much more daunting task with this belly ball.

Clothes | My trusty, comfy black pants from Soma. They are about the only thing I wear anymore. The high bands on my other maternity pants irritate my puppps and everything else doesn’t fit. For shirts I rotate between the usual frumpy tanks and my newly inspired “dress-shirts.”

Cravings | I haven’t really had any. Except water. I also have to really struggle not to get soda every time I eat out somewhere. I have established a good breakfast routine, where I rotate between three things I enjoy (along with coffee.) Then for lunch if I allow myself, I will get a Subway turkey sandwich and the rest of the day is left to lady luck.

Food Aversions |  Not really. Still not excited when Steven mentions pizza or Chipotle.

Symptoms | Puppps for sure. The worst. The cream I got has made it less bumpy and irritated looking, but it’s spread now to my thighs and love-handles and under my knees. If I accidentally scratch any of it then it starts a fiery fit. Also as I mentioned earlier, I have had a LOT of Braxton Hicks contractions. Luckily they don’t really hurt for me. They just feel a little odd. Oh! Also… I frequently feel as though baby is finger-flicking my cervix. That is not so fun.

Doctor’s Appointment | I think all the rest of my appointments are scheduled for Wednesdays from here on out. So that means another one today. Not sure what it will be like. We’ll see.

Movement | Feeling those cervix pinches. Ugh. The rest is a lot of booty moving. The last few days it’s like he hasn’t slept at all, he’s constantly shifting and twitching and stretching. Adorable, a little painful and mostly just reminds me of the big body that will making it’s way out of my body pretty soon. Eek!

Belly Button | It is an outie! It looks almost exactly like a button to me. Like a flat outie. It’s strange.

Gender | Part punk, part preppy

Best moment of the week | Probably when Beth announced that they would be having another little baby girl! So excited for them and can’t wait for all the shower and nursery planning that will follow.

What I miss | Shopping for normal, human clothes. Knowing that if I felt the motivation to throw on shorts and attempt to run a couple miles I could. I never really ever did that. But I miss knowing I could. Besides things I  miss, I am probably more overwhelmed with longing for the things to come. Cuddling my baby. Seeing what he looks like, hearing his giggles for the first time, tickling his little feet, finally knowing he has a name and getting to call him by name. It’s all so wondrous and exciting.

Baby Bump | 34 Weeks

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How do I feel? Terrified. Elated. So excited I can’t sleep. So overwhelmed I have no choice but to ride the waves of the insanity that are carrying me ahead at a tremendous speed, bringing me closer to the arrival of baby Tarchala. I love it. I hate it. It’s crazy.

Check out the things from last week’s list that I have accomplished:

  • Design 4 more wedding albums and 2 custom books

That might only be one thing off the list, but it is one of the HUGE ones!

Speaking of huge… I am about to cry from the pain of my stretch marks. They burn and itch constantly, no matter how many times I lather my belly with lotion. Last night it woke me up several times and it was hard to get back to sleep. I have to be careful of my subconscious mommy belly-rubbing so I don’t irritate them too much. Not fun. UPDATE: I saw my doctor today and she confirmed that I have a bad case of PUPPP and prescribed me a topical steroid. I really am looking forward to some relief. Let’s hope it works well and doesn’t require anything more aggressive.

Over the weekend we did some minor shopping and it feels good to get a few more purchases out of the way. We bought a floor lamp, a cubby organizer, a lamp shade (for the my baby lamp my mom gave me that I will be using for baby T), some wall shelves, the travel system and a diaper bag! This week I am hoping to knock out another huge chunk of the list we still need. I also will be helping my friend Beth plan a baby shower for our friend Jess, in less than two weeks! I’m excited for all the things we’ll be making and crafting and planning. Now that I’ve accomplished the majority of design work I’ve been slaving away at for the last several weeks, I am getting to the point where I can finally focus on the “fun” things. It will be ridiculously busy but amazing to get to work on baby things.

This weekend my friend, Beth finds out what they are having! They are announcing it at a gender reveal on Saturday and I just can’t wait. I’ve been watching (and sort of helping) her get ready, crafting things and gushing about our excitement. It will be so awesome to know and to be able to buy and make things that are gender specific and to start planning her baby shower! Ahhh! So many exciting things in the weeks to come…

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Weight of an average cantaloupe. Mmm. I want a cantaloupe.

How far along | 34 weeks

Sleep | I am so sore. My stretch marks and the pressure on all my ligaments make moving around in bed or getting up to pee pretty awful. I haven’t had as much trouble getting to sleep initially, which is nice. But I have had a few times that I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and be up for an hour or so because I feel sick and uncomfortable.

Clothes | I have just been wearing what I can. Getting a little creative on days I feel inspired. Mostly I can’t wait to wear normal clothes again and for it to be fall so I can wear cute fall clothes that are comfy and warm.

Cravings | I’ve been eating a lot of raisins on everything. In oatmeal, in salads, covered in chocolate, on celery logs. I probably shouldn’t because of the extra sugar but I am eating sugar in other forms so I suppose at least this is a form of fruit and therefore marginally healthy. I haven’t been sticking to the GD diet exactly but I have been limiting my carbs and keeping some of the rules in mind and I think it’s better than it was. I crave the sugar I know I shouldn’t have, though.

Food Aversions |  I don’t think I have any this week! I’ve been cooking dinner a lot the last week and it has been nice. I love getting creative in the kitchen and I’ve missed it.

Symptoms | I have already mentioned it some, but my stretch mark itching is the worst symptom this week. It’s killing me. It’s like the worst rash ever. I also wonder if he’s dropped already, even though it’s a bit early because it is so heavy down there and I have so many pains in the ligaments all around my belly.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have moved on to weekly appointments! That means my next one is today.

Movement | Pretty sure he is booty bumping me quite frequently. It’s adorable and shocking when it happens. A large portion of my belly will shift and poke out and I nudge it a bit until he moves again. I’ve had so much fun playing with his feet lately, too.

Belly Button | It’s weird. It pokes out a lot on the top and when I rub my hand down from the top of my belly it feels hard and odd. Almost uncomfortable.

Gender | Penis (I just wanted to say penis)

Best moment of the week | It is either the incredible 70 degree weather we had on Monday or staring down into the baby car seat and imaging baby Tarchala’s little body in there in a mere matter of weeks.

What I miss | Fall. Every memory of fall and every anticipation I have of autumns to come have engulfed my imagination these days. It’s my favorite season and I am so excited for everything that comes with it.

Baby Bump | 33 Weeks

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This week I have struggled to be quite as productive as I was last week, but things are still slowly being accomplished. I’m afraid some new developments on the baby front are not that pleasant. I’m think he might have changed positions in my tummy now, after several weeks of consistency. Because I am getting some movements that are downright painful. I’ve heard that isn’t uncommon and I counted myself lucky until now, but I am now aware of why it sucks so badly. I could barely make it through church on Sunday because he kept ramming some body part or other into my various organs. One of the most painful things is that I’ve had a tender spot on my left side, near the lower part of my belly. My primary suspicion is that my round ligament is simply stretch or bruised or something. Another theory is that my colon is taking a beating. Whatever the issue, it is not fun when he kicks that particular area. So far the movements have given me gas, nausea and various more disgusting things. As usual, I am totally ok with it because it means he is alive and happy and active and healthy. I would just prefer he returned to less painful types of acrobatics.

I am so very behind when it comes to baby preparations. I know my only solution is to suck it up and get things done, but I am discovering that my body just can’t seem to handle the level of activity I want so desperately to keep throughout the week. The last couple days my hips have been back to collapsing under me.  I remember I only have about 7 weeks left and it both relieves and terrifies me. I will share some lists, just for fun.

Here are some things I have accomplished since my last update:

  • Designed and mailed off 4 wedding albums to clients.
  • Finished sewing the crib skirt
  • Cut and sewed a crib blanket/comforter using a thrifted sheet and some comfy snuggle fabric for the back.
  • Cleaned almost the whole apartment, including catching up on laundry
  • Had a big grocery shopping day and made several full meals from scratch (normally I am lucky if I can manage one in a week haha)

Here are things that need to be done before baby gets here:

  • Design 4 more wedding albums and 2 custom books
  • Edit and post a wedding
  • Edit and post a maternity session
  • Begin the design for two separate blog sites
  • Pack the hospital bag and write a birth plan just for reference
  • Choose a pediatrician
  • Wrap up some remaining education for birth (Dvds, books and possible classes)
  • Attach the crib skirt to the mattress frame
  • Sew a second pillow and perhaps another blanket
  • Design, print and frame the wall art for the baby room
  • Purchase a few remaining necessary items for baby
  • Hang clothes and put away everything so the nursery is actually finished
  • Take remaining photos for the maternity book I’ve been working on this whole time (I am really behind here and several images will need me with a pregnant belly, so that should be done soon)

I think that might actually be it. Some of those things will take awhile, but it’s not quite as scary to see it listed there. I can read all the bullet points without scrolling, so that’s nice. Lol. I love when I get a surge of nesting hormones like I did this morning. I just have to turn them into motivation to accomplish work tasks before I let myself do things like hang up baby clothes and sew various awesome things. I think everything else about this week should end up covered in the usual survey below.

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Weight of a Pineapple. Yay! We’re back to normal fruits!

How far along | 33 weeks

Sleep | It has been hit and miss this week. Some nights I average about 4 trips to the bathroom and wake feeling rested. Other nights I do the pregnant version of tossing and turning (since turning requires a full ceremony) and I’ll get up 8 times including trips for snacks when I feel sick at 4 a.m. Ugh. I wonder how many months it will be before I sleep through the night at least once.

Clothes | Today I wore a dress!!! Other than that I have nothing to report.

Cravings | I have never really loved raisinettes but Steven bought a bag for the movies last week or so and I have been snacking on them after every meal. Not exactly a craving but every time I eat I really want a handful for some reason.

Food Aversions |  Still only eat eggs because I have to. I also had Chipotle twice and it was ok, but ever since then I have dashed Steven’s dreams every time he suggests it.

Symptoms | I am back to horrible hip pain. It’s been one of the worst things so far. Also, my belly hurts so badly. My stretch marks itch incessantly and it is very miserable. Scratching only increases the discomfort. Other than that I am just getting bigger and heavier and harder to maneuver.

Doctor’s Appointment | I had my appointment today and we went over a diabetes diet even though I don’t technically have GD. It’s so specific and I think I’m going to really like the structure it gives me. I only gained the recommended pound per week since my last appointment!!! That’s good news. After today I will go to appointments every week!!!

Movement | Except for the painful acrobatics I still am enjoying feeling baby boy growing big and strong in there.

Belly Button | It’s outward but I’m still awaiting a full button pokey kind of outie.

Gender | Big, Strong Boy

Best moment of the week | When we noticed there was a new season of “White Collar” on Netflix. Cuddling with Steven and feeling my belly together over the weekend.

What I miss | A combination of all the things I have said before. I was listening to my husband talk about Olympic races or sprinting or something and I imagined sprinting and wanted to die and then realized how much I miss having the option. Not that I really ever sprinted that much before, but hey. Haha.

Baby Bump | 32 Weeks

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I am dwelling in the heart of the final stretch. That’s how I feel, anyway. To me that is anything in the 30’s before full term. It feels meaty to me. Crunch time. Power hour. The last HURRAH!

This week has been awesome. I’ve been freaking out about how much still needs to be done before baby arrives and I finally remembered to give it to God and just trust Him. He’s never ever failed me before, so I have no reason to worry now. So that’s what I have done. Every morning this week I have laid it all out there, surrendered all the stress and crazy project load to Him and He has revealed himself in every tiny part of my unimpressive, every-day life. It’s only Wednesday but I have accomplished more so far this week than I have in the last four weeks, probably. I am so motivated. It’s like super-nesting. My goal is to complete all my design work ahead of schedule so I can focus completely on prepping for baby. I’ve had a good process going this week. I start my mornings really digging into my design work and after lunch I move on to crafting projects. Chantel came over the last couple days and we slaved over sock monkeys. I finished mine last night, along with my mobile. Photos will be coming in time. Right now I’m in the mood to just keep creating. I can photograph it all later. Haha.

In belly talk: This week my belly has definitely felt more solid. Sometimes when I’m sitting or standing I’ll reach down to rub it and it’s rock solid. It both looks and feels exactly like a watermelon sometimes. Exactly like a watermelon. Stripes and everything. Oh, lovely stretchmarks. Also, baby’s moving so much and sometimes it hurts but I love it so freaking much. I like to play with his feet and rub what I think is his little booty. I can’t wait until I can grab that little foot and munch on it. Lol.

Good news! I don’t have Gestational Diabetes. Of the 4 numbers only 1 was high and it was just one point above the cutoff. I will still be meeting with a counselor about my diet and stuff but I was so relived to hear I don’t have it officially. Trying to avoid straight sugars or eat the sugary things with meals that have more proteins. I think I’m doing better.

Here’s to the rest of the week producing more wonders!

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Baby weighs as much as a jicama. Yeah… You know… A jicama. I had one for dinner last night….. not.

How far along | 32 weeks

Sleep | I have finally hit insomnia time. Part of it is how uncomfortable it is sometimes even laying on my side, which used to be wondrous. Part of it is that my brain will NOT shut up. I’ve also had to eat right before going to bed or else I feel that awful nauseous hunger and it keeps me up. Sometimes I get it when I wake up in the middle of the night and I have to eat before I can get back to sleep. Every time I wake up to pee I feel SO stiff and achy and sore everywhere. That’s probably the worst part. But I know I won’t be enjoying much sleep for awhile.

Clothes | I think I literally wore the same outfit all week. I might have switched out my tank top a time or two.

Cravings | Not feeling any that are too strong. The usual things still sound good but I haven’t been craving them. I’ll do what Lizzy did on her recent update and tell you my daily eating routine. 🙂 I wake up and eat 2 whole grain toaster waffles or a bowl of cheerios and a cup of decaf coffee. For lunch I scrounge. On weaker days I’ll drive to get Subway chicken sandwich (footlong these days haha) or I might get a chicken sandwich at some fast food place. For dinner I eat pizza. Ok. Not always pizza, but Steven has been pushing pizza so much it seems to be what we eat every other day. I’m getting sick of it. The other day I made lasagna and some nights I will make chicken. Mmmm. Oh! I have been craving gardettos.

Food Aversions |  Nothing really. Pizza still is eh, depending on where it’s from.

Symptoms | I think it’s about the same. My stomach is so achy and I sometimes rub it and moan. For some reason my right knee is hurting badly lately and that’s annoying because I use it to stand up from chairs and things. lol. Lots of swelling but I am more used to it. I think I’ve just learned to live with it all. I’m focused lately so I don’t really dwell on it. I’ll just be pleasantly surprised when one day it’s all gone.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have my 2-week appointment Aug. 8 and I’ll have a meeting to be advised on my diet and stuff. After that I go to appointments every week!!!

Movement | So perfect. It’s hurting more lately but I don’t even care. Mornings are the best. Even if I’m not ready to wake up, he’ll be awake and kicking like CRAZY and I’ll talk to him and play with his feet. It’s one of my favorite things in the universe.

Belly Button | It is probably officially popped out, but I expected it to pop out directly from the middle but it’s popped out on the edges. The very center still isn’t out. So whatever that means.

Gender | SQUISHY!

Best moment of the week | My general sense of productivity and visiting my family over the weekend and getting to play with Lee and hold little Asa.

What I miss | Fall. Actually no… Winter. Steven and I have been listening to Owl City’s song “The tip of the iceburg” and dreaming of winter and snow storms.

Baby Bump | 31 Weeks

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This week = crunch time. I’m feeling the pressure. Pressure in my bladder, on my cervix, on my ankles, but yes… primarily I feel the pressure of time passing very quickly. I still have so very much to do before baby gets here! However, I am pleased to see little things coming together one by one. We now officially have the crib and it is assembled and in place. The changing table/dresser is now in its place and filled with adorable onesies and sleepers, now stuffed to a greater level of fullness after the completion of my second baby shower.

The shower was incredible!!! I loved it so much. There were the most amazing yellow and grey details everywhere and a beautiful brightness to the whole room and the people there. Beth, my talented party-planner of a friend, outdid herself, with the help of Chantel and the new granny-to-be, Mrs. T. Please go check out the blog post Beth shared of the event.  I really enjoyed myself and felt surrounded by the love of friends and family.

Now that I have had my showers, I am frantically assembling a list of all the baby things we still need. At times it is fun, but feeling the crunch of time and money makes it a stressful business, as well. I had not thought to take into account the potential for back-orders and the shipping time required for large items. For this purpose I am hoping baby does not make an early appearance. (Don’t let my aching body know I said that.)

Baby is moving around a bunch these days and he seems to be sitting very low. I tried to look up the different positions for babies in the womb to get an idea of exactly how he’s laying in there but I’m still not entirely certain. I’m pretty sure he is oblique (see me using fancy words) maybe, but I can’t seem to find a picture online that shows exactly the position I think he is in based on what I feel. According to spinning babies I think the closest thing might be: Right Occiput Transverse? Really I have no clue. Lol. I’ll leave you with that.

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Direct quote from babycenter: Try carrying four navel oranges (I can tell you, I feel like I am carrying FAR more than 4 little oranges)

How far along | 31 weeks

Sleep | It wasn’t so bad until the last three nights. I don’t know what it is, but neither Steven nor myself have been able to sleep very well. I’m not sure if I’m waking him up with my fitful sleeping or if it’s something else but I don’t like it. I’ve had more aches and pains in my back and joints and lady regions, so that could be a contributing factor. It is not fun to wake up several times a night with a sweaty neck, have to pull myself from the bed to pee and have to come back and arrange my body comfortably again only to do this once more an hour or two later.

Clothes | I had a dream the other night that I pulled on my True Religion jeans I bought right before I got pregnant and they fit me perfectly. I miss that great feeling you get when you pull on a perfectly fitting pair of jeans and you feel ready to sprint and take on the world. I can not sprint at all these days. I’m perfectly happy to lounge in my breezy black pants for the next 9 weeks +, but I have been reminded of the joys of normal clothes. It has really only been a few months since I’ve had to wear maternity clothes, but it feels like it has been ages. I was so excited to wear my first maternity clothes. Now I crave jeans??? I don’t really get it. Speaking of cravings…

Cravings | Peaches and melons, yum. Scones and muffins (but I have not really indulged that much). Thick, juicy steaks. Soda.

Food Aversions |  I’ve been forcing myself to eat more eggs lately and they aren’t too bad, as long as they are in a breakfast burrito or something. I’ve also been forced (by my husband’s predictable taste) to eat pizza several times in the past week. I could happily pass up pizza for awhile.

Symptoms | I feel like I’ve moved onto birth-related pains or something. I get little cervix pinches now and then and today I think I had my first noticeable braxton hicks contraction. (I probably had them before, but wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be feeling). The muscles and tendons in my pelvic region are tender and sore. I think part of this is because he is sitting so low. I’ve been feeling less motivated and more foggy in the brain again. I think it’s just a shifting of hormones, really. I’ve also been napping more lately, whether because I haven’t been sleeping well or because of more body transitioning, I’m not sure.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have my usual appointment today with my actual Doctor and then tomorrow I have to go in and take the 3-hour glucose test because my results from my first one were a little high. 🙁 I am NOT looking forward to this. I felt really awful at first when I found out but I’ve been reassured and I’m just going to suck it up and do what I have to do. I’ve been watching my sugar consumption all week and I’m hoping everything is good. I’m also a little anemic, which comes as no surprise to me since I thought I was to begin with, haha.

Movement | It is still one of my most favorite things in the world. I am reminded many times over how real he is and how individual he is. It’s crazy to have another individual existing within your body. I’ve felt his head move a lot lately and I’m still getting butt hiccups. It’s hard to sit sometimes because I feel like he’s squished. I slump because I have terrible posture, so his living quarters might sometimes be more confined.

Belly Button | It doesn’t visually pop out when you look directly at it, but as I’m walking around doing my thing I’ll rub my belly and feel it poking out, or I’ll glance sideways and see the little bump of my belly button in my reflection.

Gender | Turkey

Best moment of the week | My shower was amazing!!! This, combined with assembling the crib, make the highlights.

What I miss | My jeans. Lol. I’ve also been really nostalgic for last August when Steven and I went to CO with my parents and Bobby and Jenna and Lee. It was so fun and I miss wearing hooodies in August and riding the ATV’s through the mountains, breathing the cool, crisp air.

Baby Bump | 30 Weeks

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The theme of this week: HEAT! I feel like an alien creature with a body temperature beyond the scale of human acceptance. I knew being pregnant in the summer was notoriously tough, but I didn’t realize how much it would make me feel like a displaced penguin. I yearn for the arctic. I also walk a bit like a penguin, so I think the comparison is fitting. At night my husband spoils me by letting me keep the thermostat set to 65 degrees and yet I still wake up at 3 am with sweat streaming down my back and heat radiating from every inch of me. Last night I nudged the thermostat closer to 64 and slept without any covers and was barely able to handle it. When I’m in the car I am happiest when the A/C is blasting and blowing directly at me constantly. You have to understand. I used to be livid during the summer when I walked into stores that were kept cold because I was always fighting off goosebumps. I used to be most comfortable when the air was at a temperature of around 75. This is so abnormal for me, I still haven’t adjusted to the whole concept. I am also jealous of the people who walk outside and don’t feel like they are on a new planet that is magically 10 degrees hotter than it has ever been. And, of course, I feel this way during one of the hottest summers known to my life-long existence. I’m not complaining, because I just handle this by keeping our A/C at a happy temperature and I only leave the apartment for the most important of excursions. I’m just still in shock that cold-blooded Brittany is even capable of these feelings.

We took a tour of the birthing center at Menorah Medical Center on Saturday and it makes it all feel so real and imminent! There had been moments where I was excited for the tour because I wanted to really know what to expect during the whole labor and delivery process. Not that I don’t want to be informed, but I realized I haven’t changed too much about how I feel about birth itself. I know it will be intense and life-altering, but what I really am there for is to help this little baby arrive safely into the world. I care a little less about the little details I hoped would make the process more comfortable or ideal, because either way I plan to push through (literally! Haha!) and just have it be done with. I might be naive and change my mind, but as nice as the facilities are at Menorah and as great as it is to visualize the arena, I am most excited about the moment I’ll leave the hospital with my hubby and my baby and start this new phase of our life.

Also, we had a few unexpected issues with the crib we were previously planning to use, so here we are a week later and I can finally say that THE crib is on it’s way!!! It will arrive anytime between today and Monday. Soon to follow will be the glider and little by little we will be getting it all together, finally! My second baby shower is coming up this weekend and I am so excited for it! Next week I will have a clear idea about what we will still need. I washed baby clothes this week and cleaned the changing table/dresser and crafted a few things. I’m quite proud of my progress since I have been having to balance my baby nesting with a heavy design workload. I’ve also been rotating between baby room cleaning/crafting and deep cleaning parts of the apartment. Yesterday I tore myself up trying to get a grasp on the laundry and start re-organizing our closet. I need to watch myself so that I pour my energy into the most pressing things and not get distracted organizing things like my Christmas stash. All in good time.

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Head of Cabbage (weight)

How far along | 30 weeks

Sleep | Pretty consistent. I’ve been drinking water like a fish so I’m getting up often for bathroom trips each night but it’s worth it. After my most active days my hips ache and it’s crazy when I stand up from bed and my whole being feels like it’s sinking to the ground and my legs have to learn how to walk all over again.

Clothes | I bought two new nursing bras over the weekend. They are so ridiculously expensive. I’ve felt really tight with my money lately (not very characteristic of me lol) so that was a hard purchase to make, but they are definitely more comfortable and will be useful. I’m debating exchanging it for a new size, though because it’s a little tight at the loosest setting. We’ll see. I also did a huge amount of laundry earlier this week and discovered that I have a few more things to wear than the 2 outfits I’ve been cycling through the last couple weeks. I just wish it wasn’t so sweltering, so I could wear cuter clothes. Next time I think I’ll be pregnant in the fall, thank you.

Cravings | The most persistent craving has been peaches. I’ve bought them myself and had them offered to me and each and every time I just consume it with record speed. In fact I think I’ll have to go buy some soon. Also watermelon and cantaloupe, soda of all kinds, candy, and juicy steaks.

Food Aversions |  Still eggs. Yuck. Thick, stringy cheese (like you would find on a deep dish pizza lol)

Symptoms | For almost a full week I actually felt pretty awesome. I couldn’t tell if I was actually feeling better or just getting used to it all. I do think my back has strengthened a bit. It’s a relief, too because I have so much I want to do around the place to get ready for baby. I am dealing with it in good humor, but I would have to say the most persistent symptoms have been that I’m short of breath (from the heat, my compressed lungs and the extra weight), clumsy, HOT, swollen when I sit or stand too long and sore in my back when I sit or move around too much. That sounds like a lot, but I’ve become accustomed to it and being able to work through it has encouraged me. Plus, knowing it will only be another 10 weeks or so of this doesn’t hurt.

Doctor’s Appointment | The sugar swill wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. They took my blood and I’ll hear back about that sometime this week. I met for my usual appt with a nurse practitioner that seems completely ignorant, but it doesn’t matter because I didn’t really have anything important I needed from her. Starting at my next appointment in two weeks I’ll be seeing my actual Dr. for the remainder of the pregnancy. I’m happy about this.

Movement | I love it so much. I can’t get enough footsie action. He is SUPER low right now. Sometimes I feel his movement on my legs!!! My legs literally will not close together when I sit. I feel hiccups in my butt. His feet are still in the same place they have been for the last few weeks and I have a general idea about where his head and arms are. Sometimes I think I can feel his little booty when I feel around. It’s adorable. Nothing beats footsie time with baby and daddy in the evenings.

Belly Button | I love to feel it and look at it all the time. I sometimes like to rub my hand on my tummy and laugh because it almost feels like I have no belly button at all. It looks that way sometimes, too. I still haven’t had a full pop out yet. We’ll see.

Gender | Gentleman.

Best moment of the week | I think on a whole it was just great to get some decisions made and complete a steady flow of projects. I hope the momentum continues. I’m really looking forward to my next shower!!! I can pretty much predict that will be listed in this category during next week’s update.

What I miss | My cold-blooded-ness. Actually, I’m not sure that’s true. I’d probably appreciate something right in the middle. It’s nice not to be cold when I walk into stores and restaurants during the summer, but it also sucks being over-hot so often. Oh I know! I miss going shopping and being able to look at normal clothes and shoes. I walked into a few stores of the weekend and there was no point whatsoever in even looking at non-maternity clothes. It makes me want to be post-pregs and down to a semi-normal size so I can buy a pair of shoes without wondering if they’ll fit me in 2 months.

Baby Bump | 29 Weeks

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Baby, baby, baby… That’s all that fills my mind these days it seems. I feel caught up in a whirlwind of “OMG PLEASE GET HERE NOW!” vs “AHHHH!!! NOT YET! I’M NOT READY AT ALL!!!” I am glad that even though late term discomforts still annoy me, I still have a smidge of nesting hormones still hanging around. This is very important since the baby room still barely looks like a baby room. The only hints are the newly grey walls and piles of hooded towels and clothes and other baby gifts.

The great news is that it looks like we’ll be getting the crib this week! I’ve mentioned before, I think, that I write these posts on Monday, even though I publish them on Wednesday (I know, I like to be complicated). So hopefully by the time you actually are reading this post we’ll have the crib and changing table!!! Once we have it and it’s all set up you can bet I’ll be taking a zillion pictures to show it off to the world. I can’t wait!!! I feel like it’s the huge thing I’ve been waiting for to feel like this is really a baby room after all.

I’m going to chat a bit about the busy-ness I have going on these days. I have a ton of work I’m furiously trying to finish for several design and photography clients and while there is still so much to get done, I am proud of myself for how productive I’ve been. I just hope I can balance this with all the other baby projects that I also need to finish before I finally take my “maternity leave.” I have been so motivated to accomplish things, even though I especially love to accomplish things for the baby. I bought fabric to make my own mobile and I’ll be tackling that task next, probably. Then I also have several things to paint and artwork to design/print/hang. I have a few other sewing projects and I wish I knew more about carpentry, etc… because I am itching to make this cubby storage bench thing for under the large window in the baby room. I have it all visualized in my head. I might have to get my Daddy’s help with this one. 🙂

In purely baby related things, I need to gush a moment about how much I love his movement these days. He kicks in the perfect place, in my opinion. Out the right side of my abdomen. That means I can lay on my left side and rest my hand on the side of my belly and feel his feet. Sometimes he kicks out sharply and sometimes he presses his feet into me and I love, love, love it. Steven got to feel it the other day and experience just how awesome it is. Every morning (sometimes as early as 4 a.m.) he will wake up and start pushing his feet into me. This morning I was in that 1/2 asleep state and I imagined him saying “wake up, Mommy!!! WAKE UP!!!” Lol. It is definitely not the worst way to be awakened. Then, at night when I’m laying in bed working up the desire for sleep, he will begin playing footsie again, as well as a few times throughout the day. It’s incredible.

One thing I must admit I am not really a fan of, is hiccups. I already knew it was normal for him to have them and I read up a bit and basically just read that it’s a great sign of a healthy baby. But he just gets them so much!!! Yesterday I swear he had the hiccups 8 times!!! Also, it’s not the most comfortable feeling for me. They don’t make him jump around in there too much, it’s just a subtle twitch of rhythmic thumping, but it’s still kind of annoying lol. I don’t know if it’s the repetitive pattern, or the fact that I feel them on my cervix and tailbone the most or simply because I don’t enjoy hiccups so I imagine him not feeling settled. Probably a combination of all three. But it is reassuring that it’s normal and good and all that.

The Bump

Baby’s SizeButternut Squash

How far along | 29 weeks

Sleep | I think I’m having to get up even more often, but I feel like I’ve settled into a routine I can accept. I’ll wake up, get out of bed the same way each time, pee, come back, lay on the opposite side (or on my left if I can’t remember), pull the blankets over me and sigh as I drift back to sleep for another … I don’t know… 45 minutes or so? Lol. Then it repeats almost exactly. The best part lately about sleeping is waking up. Because I wake up to my little baby boy moving around like nuts in there. I’ll slowly wake up and check things on my phone with my left hand, while I feel my baby for awhile with my right hand. It’s nice.

Clothes | I barely even register that I wear clothes anymore. I have a small pile of maternity clothes on various surfaces of my bedroom and when it’s time to leave the comfort of my apartment, I only have to decide shorts or pants? Then rummage for a suitable top to match. Otherwise you’ll find me at my computer desk or on the couch or walking around the apartment in my lounge pants and a tank top. Sans bra, by the way. The bras I bought when I was first growing during my earlier pregnancy are too tight around now and very uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. I guess that’s next on my must-buy list for maternity items. This time I’ll invest in a nursing bra (Wow. Crazy.)

Cravings | Mmmm Let’s talk about food… I’ve actually been doing a little better since my last OB appointment but I still indulge. I am happiest when I can have a filling meal that truly satisfies. Steak over the weekend, for instance, and footlong chicken subs. In the mornings I still get so excited about my decaf coffee with cream. I’ve been downing cherry 7up. One big problem has been that after every meal, especially dinner I get this intense desire for dessert. It gnaws at my brain until I do SOMETHING to satisfy it. Lately I’ve really wanted molten lava cakes. Yeah. BAAAADDD. I haven’t satisfied that craving yet, but I did make some killer strawberry shortcake. Yum!

Food Aversions |  Not much. For some reason eggs are about the only thing. I can have them in a breakfast burrito or sandwich but not by themselves and only if I don’t really think about what’s in the burrito haha.

Symptoms | I think my attitude may have had an impact on my symptoms this week or maybe it’s just not as bad as it has been. I’ve had some hormonal ups and downs but I’ve used them to my advantage. Friday I was so MAD about how messy our apartment was (this is not common for me) so I rushed around cleaning the heck out of everything out of anger. The kitchen and diningroom and livingroom were sparkling when I was done with them. I had some back pain that day, which is to be expected, but I was still not feeling as awful as I had before. Then I noticed all weekend my ankles were about 1/2 as swollen as they have been for weeks!!! I’m able to turn over in bed in 2-3 movements instead of 5 or more. (lol) The only time I really feel the weight of it all (literally) is when I have to walk very far. We went to the pool a couple times this week and by the time I’ve walked from our pool to the apartment I can barely breathe and I feel like I’ve been carrying a sack of rocks uphill. Lol. But I feel so much better about it all right now than I have in awhile.

Doctor’s Appointment | Next one is this week! I have to drink the nasty sugar swill. Not really looking forward to that.

Movement | I think my earlier paragraph has sufficiently expressed how awesome they are. Morning footsie = awesome. Hiccups 8 times a day = not as awesome. Pushing his head or butt or something into my bladder = Also not awesome. At all.

Belly Button | I’d say it’s almost totally neutral right now.

Gender | Male.

Best moment of the week | I know several footsie moments stand out to me as well as some fun adventures with Steven over the weeekend. Coming home to a clean apartment all weekend was pretty great. When Steven got to feel baby boy play footsie. Those were all pretty awesome.

What I miss | I haven’t missed things as much as I just get excited for after. After he’s born and I can squish him and adapt to life as a mommy. Once I can reacquaint myself with my body as my own. I have heard so many women say that they really miss the feeling of having their baby inside them. I think I finally am starting to understand that. I’ve never been one to be excited about pregnancy itself. To me it’s always just been a necessary means to having a my little baby in my arms. But with the kind of movement I’ve felt lately and the way my hormones are pretty awesome to me, I think I’m going to miss this a little when it’s over. Wow. Seriously never thought I would say that. Lol.

Lizzy’s Shower Gift | DIY Crib Quilt

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I mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago that I was working on a special gift for Lizzy for her baby shower. I worked with her a bit on the colors and such and gathered up all the perfect materials and got to work sewing and ironing and cuddling comfy fabrics. After finishing the quilt, I realized I had some extra fabric that would be perfect for a pillow. Then I found a lace doily cloth thing at Goodwill and decided I had to create a lace-overlay pillow as well. So here are some photos of the process and several of the finished product. I am so in love with the variety of textures and how it all looks together… folded, stacked and in pretty much displayed in every which way.

All the pieces cut into their pretty squares:
Beginning to lay out the pattern:

More layout pictures:
Ironing the final quilt:

Pinning mid-process and the finished quilt all spread out:
Photos of the finished quilt:


The pillows I made to accompany the quilt: