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I have been behind on posting all these new updates, but I hadn’t been behind with writing them (Until now. Sigh). We had to cancel Miles’ 2 month well visit appointment so I don’t have accurate stats. He did have a quick check up because of his cold so I know his weight from just a few days prior. And even that I can’t quite remember. It was somewhere around 11 pounds! Big boy. I guess that’s update worthy, the fact that Miles had his first cold. It was heartbreaking to hear him coughing and sniffling but it was very easy on him and only lasted a couple days. I don’t think there was really a need to go to the doctor but we’ve reached our health insurance deductible for the year for both Miles and myself, so every visit from here on out is essentially free. We were about to go out of town so Steven suggested we take him just in case. I’m glad we did because I also got to ask about the bad gas he’d been having for the last several weeks. There really wasn’t anything she could tell me besides what I had read online, but it’s always good to hear it from a professional. She also recommended symethicone, which seems to work every once in awhile (Plus, sometimes I forget to try them until it’s too late). She also mentioned that he could be a little colicky. His crying doesn’t last too long, but on the days when it’s bad he’ll cry frequently and there was one night where he was awake for eight hours!!! Mostly I just want my baby to be happy and healthy and not suffer. Oh the torment of parenthood! Lol.

I think one of the biggest thing has just been watching him chunk up this month! I can definitely see him growing out of the “infant” stage. It’s wonderful and terrifying at the same time. It’s nice to see him gaining weight, though, because I’ve struggled with breastfeeding and various other feeding challenges so it’s good to see results. Things are certainly getting better with that. I meant to write a whole post dedicated to my breastfeeding struggles/journey, but as you can see I’m behind on the simple updates already! Someday.

Another big thing lately has been his gassiness, as mentioned earlier. It comes and goes and like everything, it sends me into a tizzy of “what am I doing to hurt my baby?!” But I read an article on Kelley mom here, that helped me realize that’s not likely the case. It also left me more informed about the possible sensitivities he might actually have, like cow’s milk proteins. We’re still working through this more, but you’ll be hearing more from me when I update you about month 3.

Here are some changes and improvements in development somewhere during weeks 5-10


If you follow my instagram or Facebook posts you’ll see that once he found that smile he just has gone crazy with it! I adore all his many expressions! He sticks his tongue out alot, even when he smiles and he likes to give me surprised looks and shy looks and to punctuate his more insistent vocalizations with raised eyebrows and pursed lips. Haha. He still hasn’t laughed exactly, he just makes louder, more excited cooing and squealing noises. I can’t wait for that first deep giggle or belly laugh.

Neck Muscles
He is really coming along on this one. He started off wanting to see the world and not much has changed. During tummy time (which he really does NOT enjoy, by the way) he can hold his head and shoulders up pretty high and steady. He will only let it fall when he’s really tired or every now and then. Right before his 2 month mark he was awake in the middle of the night and super active, so I put him on his tummy. I turned around to set the “tummy time” timer on my phone and when I turned back he was on his back looking up at me! The look on his face was priceless! He was totally amazed and confused. I’m only sad I missed it. Since then there hasn’t been another roll-over incident, but he tries every time I put him on his tummy. Again, I think it’s because he doesn’t enjoy it because even when I move his arms to “situp” position he moves his right arm back so he can try to kick himself to his back again. Crazy kid.

Things have picked up since last month and it’s hilarious. He’ll let out random squacks now and then which still take us by surprise, and he coos every time we play with him. Laying him on his back in his crib while I make the mobile elephants “dance” is one of his favorite activities and is sure to make him sing about it. His cries have changed a bit, too, I’ve noticed. I think we’ve also just learned to communicate with him better, too. I can tell when he’s bored and wants my attention, versus just plain upset about something, compared to his request for me to fulfill his usual needs.

He can spot us from a distance now and seems to recognize me and can tell he knows Steven somehow haha. He’s also noticed… his toys! He still seems to prefer the high contrast black and white side of his Freddy the Firefly toy. That toy, by the way, is one of the first he’s cared about and he really loves it! He’ll stare at it while he falls asleep and I’ll put it in his car seat with him when we go out and he’ll fall asleep grasping it.

Response to Sounds
I can tell he hears us but he’s still stubborn about looking at us. Waving our hands at him or showing him a toy is the best bet for getting his attention. I’m beginning to notice a preference for music. If he falls asleep in his swing he will stir when the music turns off. He seems to like Celtic type music. We rented “Brave” and the title music made him smile then he went all drowsy. Haha.

He still has unpredictable nights. The gas and crying will keep him up late. I’ve just been prepared to be up till 3 a.m. if need be and that helps me not feel so stressed when he won’t sleep. He’s been doing this crazy thing when daddy holds  him on the couch where he’ll kick and stretch and grunt until he’s practically hanging backwards over Steven’s arm. It looks freaky but he really likes it and will fall asleep that way in the evenings. We call it the daddy hold. I looked it up and all I could find is a possible sign of reflux but I’m not sure.


In terms of things I’m sure to remember about this month, there was the rollover incident, certainly. I will also always treasure my weekday mornings with him. He is always happiest after his morning feeding and his diaper is fresh. I’ll give him cuddles and kisses, then I’ll carry him into his bedroom and lay him in his crib, wait for him to notice his elephants again and smile at them in greeting, then I’ll pull on them to make them jump and make the mobile twirl around. He’ll just smile and kick with all his might and bat his hands like he’s trying to reach them. I can leave him there and take a moment to check my email at my computer a couple feet away and I can hear him cooing and smiling at them.

This is also prime picture time. He must find my camera and phone curious because he looks directly at it most of the time. I love to photograph him every morning I get the opportunity. I think it’s a fun way to remember some of his best outfits before he outgrows them and it’s a good way to watch his little features become more defined and see him grow up. Although I only like to think about that now and then. I’m working hard to enjoy every single moment I have with him.

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