This past weekend was so completely amazing! I really don’t think I could have planned a single thing to have gone better. Not that planning really had anything to do with it! It was such a great three days for me, I feel the need to document them in some detail, so excuse the following exhaustive recount of my weekend.

On Friday I went with my family to pick up Lizzy from the airport and (as a complete surprise to my sister, Brooke) we also picked up my Aunt Beth! Brooke was successfully surprised and the weekend was then kicked off in the best way possible. After a drive back to the country with Lizzy, and many baby discussions along the way, the evening progressed perfectly, surrounded by family and laughter. I also watched “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” with my brother and then-pregnant sister-in-law, Jenna. It definitely had it’s funny (and frightening) moments. After the movie I spent a couple hours to myself, crafting a few things for the reveal party that was to take place Sunday.

Saturday, after a quick breakfast (and some strong coffee for all non-preggo adults) we all made our way to Joplin for my sister Brooke’s graduation from MSSU. On the drive up, I had some tech-time with my Daddy, which is always both enlightening and enjoyable. A massive group of friends and family claimed their seats near the stage. We might have frightened off a few surrounding attendants with our boisterous presence. As Brookie walked the stage, we all cheered with gusto and settled in to hear the long list of remaining graduates being named. Lizzy and I were suffering preggo-person discomforts of starvation and more and for the first time in months I actually had GOOSEBUMPS! As the last name was called, my brother, Benjamin, whistled sharply and loudly with all this might and we rushed out the doors to the sunny warmth of the Saturday afternoon. Hugs, hugs hugs… Pictures, pictures pictures.

Brooke’s Graduation video

Photos with the graduate

Brooke and Bethany  


A couple of myself with Liz

After a celebratory lunch of pizza with the family (this starving, preggo lady had four slices with cheesy bites), Brooke, Jon, Lizzy and I began our afternoon and evening of partying in Joplin. We partied with some Babies R Us, Starbucks, driving around and laying on Brooke’s bed talking about all manner of interesting things. All that deep philosophizing worked up an appetite, which we satisfied with some Pad Thai (and something basil with Tofu???) at Magic Noodle. After dinner we picked up a movie to watch (Anonymous) and some candy for snacking and made our way back to Brooke’s apartment to chill the night away. I was spoiled with a last-minute visit from my “Roomie of my Heart” Sammy Jo, who drove up from Oklahoma to see me and spend the night with us. The fun lasted well into the night/morning and I struggled to fall asleep that night. Whether from the excitement of the day, the day that was to come or simply because my little baby was kicking me like crazy, I’m not sure. Aunty Liz got to feel little baby Tarchala kick, too! That was an exciting moment. 🙂

Benjamin playing with Lee at lunch.

Sunday morning started off with a bang. I was awakened by a phone call from my Mom, informing me that Bobby and Jenna had their little baby number two! Another adorable little boy, named Asa Lane. It was the perfect labor (in my opinion). The whole thing was finished in about an hour! So you can imagine that this day had started JUST RIGHT. After our morning prepping and having to say goodbye to Sammy (goodbyes were not my favorite parts of the day) we grabbed some breakfast and made our way home. Of course we had to take a short detour to the hospital to see my new little nephew!!! He was so perfect and precious! It was sweet and terrifying to look into his eyes and imagine holding one of my own in a few short months!!! Ahhh…. I’ll freak out about that later.

Little Asa Lane


Back at my parents house I rushed into the work I still had to do to prepare for the reveal part of my sister’s picnic party. I had posters to make and a box to illustrate and a few other little details to get into place. I was dressed just in time to sit down with everyone to eat some BBQ fare and catch my breath. I had made little yellow bows and little grey mustaches and glued them to little pins so guests could make their guess and pin it on their person. Everyone chose a team and wrote their names on either the “Boy” or “Girl” column on the poster-board and then we were ready!!! Steven and I had stuffed our huge box full of the balloons he had sneakily transported down from the city and we were eager to release them, finally announcing it to the world! I was so excited, walking that box to the yard and imagining the reactions from the crowd (“Team Pink” was ahead on the guessing board).My heart about jumped into my chest when we pulled back the top to let all the balloons out. It was so fun and exciting to hear all the cheers and see my little nephew Lee clapping with glee (and chasing the balloons). I couldn’t stop smiling! It was a great moment. I will admit I was worried at first about our decision to have a gender reveal since I was concerned it would seem a little self-indulgent, but it turned out to be the perfect way to share the news with everyone. My brother and sister-in-law listened on the phone from the hospital, so they were able to share the moment, too.  My awesome friends Chantel, Beth and Jess drove down from the city to be there, along with my awesome in-laws. My BFF was able to be in town for the event as well as my aunt. So many great circumstances and people came together to make the entire weekend an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Picking Sides




Friends and Family



The Reveal


IT’S A BOY!!! 🙂