We’re chugging along! My updates cover the previous week , so that means I am now officially full term! SCARY AND AWESOME!!!

Last week was so busy and crazy! I spent every day working on baby shower stuff with my friend, Beth. We’re both pregnant, which presented its own set of challenges, but I feel great that we accomplished so much so quickly and I think it turned out to be a gorgeous event! I’ll probably blog about it sometime soon. If I remember. I have so much still on my list! But I just keep seeing items get marked off one by one and it encourages me. I’m hoping that by the end of today I will be completely finished with client work and able to move on to baby-prep things only!!! We shall see!

Little things keep happening that give me mini panic attacks. It’s like my body is giving me little hints and warnings that it won’t be long and I need to get my butt moving. I’m SO tired again lately and it makes it really scary considering I planned on getting so much done before baby arrives. Steven’s grandma very sweetly offered to pay for Molly Maids to come in and help me clean up the apartment and take care of some of the things I can’t do very easily with my big belly in the way. I really appreciate it because it was stressful to think about having to deep clean the apartment in preparation for baby when I can barely walk from my computer to the bathroom. They came in yesterday and the place looks great! I feel the best about the places that you can’t see, like the doors that got wiped down and the mold and dust that has been found out and eliminated.

I know I keep repeating myself but I can’t stop thinking about how great it will be when my “work” work is done this week and I go have a massage and a pedicure and get to focus entirely on crafting the few remaining things for the baby room and organizing the last of his things and preparing various bags and bins so that when we come back with baby in our arms we will be able to focus on our new family.

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Size of a Crenshaw Melon.

How far along | 36 weeks

Sleep | I have been sneaking the temperature down just a bit each night and I sleep so much better that way. I still seem to wake up at a time between 3-5 a.m. and then it’s hard to get back to sleep. It’s very annoying since I usually get nauseous and hungry and it makes it worse.

Clothes | I get so excited when I do my laundry and get to wear my comfy pants and the only underwear that fits lol.

Cravings | I would say the most consistent thing for me has been cereal. Lately I eat a lot of raisins and decaf coffee and I’ve been eating Raisinets and Andes mints after every meal. I think it’s ok though because it keeps me from eating a full dessert that would probably be even worse for me. I begged Steven for Taco Bell last night and I think that’s about it!

Food Aversions |  Nothing! I think. 🙂

Symptoms | The pupps is so much better!!! I even stopped applying the cream I was using. I’m not sure if that is a good thing to do, but it’s so much better I decided I might as well end the regimen earlier than planned. I’m really relieved because it doesn’t give my doc any more reason to push an inducement. Looks like that hurdle is out of the way for now!

Doctor’s Appointment | I got to have my cervix checked. Yay! Haha. Everything is looking great and on track. I’ll go into more detail next week when I update on my 37th week.

Movement | He is getting cramped in there, I think. He must be pretty low, too because my cervix is getting quite the beating these days! I get such intense stabbing pains that stop me in my tracks and give me what I like to call “insta-pee.”

Belly Button | An outie. I think it looks like a butthole. (Sorry, that was crude). Also it’s off to the side and the crookedness makes me giggle.

Gender | Bebski (Steven’s newest nickname and it’s adorable.)

Best moment of the week | Pulling together the baby shower and getting a huge amount of work done already this week even though I have such a small amount of energy.

What I miss | The usual. feeling normal, not being hot and sweaty all the time. But it’s all nothing compared to my excitement and anticipation of meeting our little boy.