Lately it seems that every time I go to write the newest update post on this pregnancy I think to myself “but didn’t we just do 35 weeks?” or something to that effect, then I’ll realize that was 34 weeks, but it feels like yesterday. I’m a little scared of writing “40 Weeks” and feeling like it has only been moments since writing this!

This week can be characterized by my body’s realization that labor is imminent. I have had a huge increase in Braxton Hicks contractions just in the last several days and I am all of a sudden so tired and yet can’t sleep. All the 3rd trimester symptoms I had heard whispers of but had so far¬†escaped. Until now. Panic is rising every day that I wake up, try to accomplish a mountain of tasks and then end up going to sleep having accomplished only the most minute of details the entire day. I end the days so tired, physically, and drained, mentally.

In the last two days alone I’ve had so many people comment on my pregnancy that I honestly can’t remember the number. They are the usual statements I’ve become accustomed to: “Is there just one in there?” “You’re having twins, right?” “Oh, well you must be due tomorrow!” “September? Wow, you look [big][low][insert indication here].” It really doesn’t bother me. It amuses me and it just makes me realize how soon this could be and that’s kind of exciting. So it’s ok. Lol.

Last night I sat down and wrote a list of all the things I need to do still. It was long. It fit on one side of paper (barely), though. I guess that is a good thing. Haha. We got the mattress and changing pad in on Monday and it encouraged me to finally finish the crib skirt I made. It was quite the ordeal. Lots of bending over and ground work that my body was not very happy with. As far as DIY goes, the biggies still left include: Sewing 2 Changing pad covers using this tutorial, Finish designing my wall art for framing, Sew a second pillow. Then I have various DIY projects for other friends and mommies-to-be. The rest is either buying, organizing or installing things.

I could just ramble on and on about how much I still have to get done, but I should probably just go now and try to actually DO those things. ūüôā

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Honeydew Melon. Awww.

How far along | 35 weeks

Sleep |¬†Has been a fickle mistress. I’ve been able to peacefully drift off to slumber most nights, but then I am likely to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep for hours. Once it was from 3:00-6:00 and last night it was from 12:00 – 2:00. It’s miserable because my body is still tired, it just can’t seem to get back to sleep. And tossing and turning is a much more daunting task with this belly ball.

Clothes | My trusty, comfy black pants from Soma. They are about the only thing I wear anymore. The high bands on my other maternity pants irritate my puppps and everything else doesn’t fit. For shirts I rotate between the usual frumpy tanks and my newly inspired “dress-shirts.”

Cravings |¬†I haven’t really had any. Except water. I also have to really struggle not to get soda every time I eat out somewhere. I have established a good breakfast routine, where I rotate between three things I enjoy (along with coffee.) Then for lunch if I allow myself, I will get a Subway turkey sandwich and the rest of the day is left to lady luck.

Food Aversions |  Not really. Still not excited when Steven mentions pizza or Chipotle.

Symptoms |¬†Puppps for sure. The worst. The cream I got has made it less bumpy and irritated looking, but it’s spread now to my thighs and love-handles and under my knees. If I accidentally scratch any of it then it starts a fiery fit. Also as I mentioned earlier, I have had a LOT of Braxton Hicks contractions. Luckily they don’t really hurt for me. They just feel a little odd. Oh! Also… I frequently feel as though baby is finger-flicking my cervix. That is not so fun.

Doctor‚Äôs Appointment |¬†I think all the rest of my appointments are scheduled for Wednesdays from here on out. So that means another one today. Not sure what it will be like. We’ll see.

Movement |¬†Feeling those cervix pinches. Ugh. The rest is a lot of booty moving. The last few days it’s like he hasn’t slept at all, he’s constantly shifting and twitching and stretching. Adorable, a little painful and mostly just reminds me of the big body that will making it’s way out of my body pretty soon. Eek!

Belly Button |¬†It is an outie! It looks almost exactly like a button to me. Like a flat outie. It’s strange.

Gender | Part punk, part preppy

Best moment of the week |¬†Probably when Beth announced that they would be having another little baby girl! So excited for them and can’t wait for all the shower and nursery planning that will follow.

What I miss |¬†Shopping for normal, human clothes. Knowing that if I felt the motivation to throw on shorts and attempt to run a couple miles I could. I never really ever did that. But I miss knowing I could. Besides things I ¬†miss, I am probably more overwhelmed with longing for the things to come. Cuddling my baby. Seeing what he looks like, hearing his giggles for the first time, tickling his little feet, finally knowing he has a name and getting to call him by name. It’s all so¬†wondrous¬†and exciting.