How do I feel? Terrified. Elated. So excited I can’t sleep. So overwhelmed I have no choice but to ride the waves of the insanity that are carrying me ahead at a tremendous speed, bringing me closer to the arrival of baby Tarchala. I love it. I hate it. It’s crazy.

Check out the things from last week’s list that I have accomplished:

  • Design 4 more wedding albums and 2 custom books

That might only be one thing off the list, but it is one of the HUGE ones!

Speaking of huge… I am about to cry from the pain of my stretch marks. They burn and itch constantly, no matter how many times I lather my belly with lotion. Last night it woke me up several times and it was hard to get back to sleep. I have to be careful of my subconscious mommy belly-rubbing so I don’t irritate them too much. Not fun. UPDATE: I saw my doctor today and she confirmed that I have a bad case of PUPPP and prescribed me a topical steroid. I really am looking forward to some relief. Let’s hope it works well and doesn’t require anything more aggressive.

Over the weekend we did some minor shopping and it feels good to get a few more purchases out of the way. We bought a floor lamp, a cubby organizer, a lamp shade (for the my baby lamp my mom gave me that I will be using for baby T), some wall shelves, the travel system and a diaper bag! This week I am hoping to knock out another huge chunk of the list we still need. I also will be helping my friend Beth plan a baby shower for our friend Jess, in less than two weeks! I’m excited for all the things we’ll be making and crafting and planning. Now that I’ve accomplished the majority of design work I’ve been slaving away at for the last several weeks, I am getting to the point where I can finally focus on the “fun” things. It will be ridiculously busy but amazing to get to work on baby things.

This weekend my friend, Beth finds out what they are having! They are announcing it at a gender reveal on Saturday and I just can’t wait. I’ve been watching (and sort of helping) her get ready, crafting things and gushing about our excitement. It will be so awesome to know and to be able to buy and make things that are gender specific and to start planning her baby shower! Ahhh! So many exciting things in the weeks to come…

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Weight of an average cantaloupe. Mmm. I want a cantaloupe.

How far along | 34 weeks

Sleep | I am so sore. My stretch marks and the pressure on all my ligaments make moving around in bed or getting up to pee pretty awful. I haven’t had as much trouble getting to sleep initially, which is nice. But I have had a few times that I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and be up for an hour or so because I feel sick and uncomfortable.

Clothes | I have just been wearing what I can. Getting a little creative on days I feel inspired. Mostly I can’t wait to wear normal clothes again and for it to be fall so I can wear cute fall clothes that are comfy and warm.

Cravings | I’ve been eating a lot of raisins on everything. In oatmeal, in salads, covered in chocolate, on celery logs. I probably shouldn’t because of the extra sugar but I am eating sugar in other forms so I suppose at least this is a form of fruit and therefore marginally healthy. I haven’t been sticking to the GD diet exactly but I have been limiting my carbs and keeping some of the rules in mind and I think it’s better than it was. I crave the sugar I know I shouldn’t have, though.

Food Aversions |  I don’t think I have any this week! I’ve been cooking dinner a lot the last week and it has been nice. I love getting creative in the kitchen and I’ve missed it.

Symptoms | I have already mentioned it some, but my stretch mark itching is the worst symptom this week. It’s killing me. It’s like the worst rash ever. I also wonder if he’s dropped already, even though it’s a bit early because it is so heavy down there and I have so many pains in the ligaments all around my belly.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have moved on to weekly appointments! That means my next one is today.

Movement | Pretty sure he is booty bumping me quite frequently. It’s adorable and shocking when it happens. A large portion of my belly will shift and poke out and I nudge it a bit until he moves again. I’ve had so much fun playing with his feet lately, too.

Belly Button | It’s weird. It pokes out a lot on the top and when I rub my hand down from the top of my belly it feels hard and odd. Almost uncomfortable.

Gender | Penis (I just wanted to say penis)

Best moment of the week | It is either the incredible 70 degree weather we had on Monday or staring down into the baby car seat and imaging baby Tarchala’s little body in there in a mere matter of weeks.

What I miss | Fall. Every memory of fall and every anticipation I have of autumns to come have engulfed my imagination these days. It’s my favorite season and I am so excited for everything that comes with it.