I am dwelling in the heart of the final stretch. That’s how I feel, anyway. To me that is anything in the 30’s before full term. It feels meaty to me. Crunch time. Power hour. The last HURRAH!

This week has been awesome. I’ve been freaking out about how much still needs to be done before baby arrives and I finally remembered to give it to God and just trust Him. He’s never ever failed me before, so I have no reason to worry now. So that’s what I have done. Every morning this week I have laid it all out there, surrendered all the stress and crazy project load to Him and He has revealed himself in every tiny part of my unimpressive, every-day life. It’s only Wednesday but I have accomplished more so far this week than I have in the last four weeks, probably. I am so motivated. It’s like super-nesting. My goal is to complete all my design work ahead of schedule so I can focus completely on prepping for baby. I’ve had a good process going this week. I start my mornings really digging into my design work and after lunch I move on to crafting projects. Chantel came over the last couple days and we slaved over sock monkeys. I finished mine last night, along with my mobile. Photos will be coming in time. Right now I’m in the mood to just keep creating. I can photograph it all later. Haha.

In belly talk: This week my belly has definitely felt more solid. Sometimes when I’m sitting or standing I’ll reach down to rub it and it’s rock solid. It both looks and feels exactly like a watermelon sometimes. Exactly like a watermelon. Stripes and everything. Oh, lovely stretchmarks. Also, baby’s moving so much and sometimes it hurts but I love it so freaking much. I like to play with his feet and rub what I think is his little booty. I can’t wait until I can grab that little foot and munch on it. Lol.

Good news! I don’t have Gestational Diabetes. Of the 4 numbers only 1 was high and it was just one point above the cutoff. I will still be meeting with a counselor about my diet and stuff but I was so relived to hear I don’t have it officially. Trying to avoid straight sugars or eat the sugary things with meals that have more proteins. I think I’m doing better.

Here’s to the rest of the week producing more wonders!

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Baby weighs as much as a jicama. Yeah… You know… A jicama. I had one for dinner last night….. not.

How far along | 32 weeks

Sleep | I have finally hit insomnia time. Part of it is how uncomfortable it is sometimes even laying on my side, which used to be wondrous. Part of it is that my brain will NOT shut up. I’ve also had to eat right before going to bed or else I feel that awful nauseous hunger and it keeps me up. Sometimes I get it when I wake up in the middle of the night and I have to eat before I can get back to sleep. Every time I wake up to pee I feel SO stiff and achy and sore everywhere. That’s probably the worst part. But I know I won’t be enjoying much sleep for awhile.

Clothes | I think I literally wore the same outfit all week. I might have switched out my tank top a time or two.

Cravings | Not feeling any that are too strong. The usual things still sound good but I haven’t been craving them. I’ll do what Lizzy did on her recent update and tell you my daily eating routine. 🙂 I wake up and eat 2 whole grain toaster waffles or a bowl of cheerios and a cup of decaf coffee. For lunch I scrounge. On weaker days I’ll drive to get Subway chicken sandwich (footlong these days haha) or I might get a chicken sandwich at some fast food place. For dinner I eat pizza. Ok. Not always pizza, but Steven has been pushing pizza so much it seems to be what we eat every other day. I’m getting sick of it. The other day I made lasagna and some nights I will make chicken. Mmmm. Oh! I have been craving gardettos.

Food Aversions |  Nothing really. Pizza still is eh, depending on where it’s from.

Symptoms | I think it’s about the same. My stomach is so achy and I sometimes rub it and moan. For some reason my right knee is hurting badly lately and that’s annoying because I use it to stand up from chairs and things. lol. Lots of swelling but I am more used to it. I think I’ve just learned to live with it all. I’m focused lately so I don’t really dwell on it. I’ll just be pleasantly surprised when one day it’s all gone.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have my 2-week appointment Aug. 8 and I’ll have a meeting to be advised on my diet and stuff. After that I go to appointments every week!!!

Movement | So perfect. It’s hurting more lately but I don’t even care. Mornings are the best. Even if I’m not ready to wake up, he’ll be awake and kicking like CRAZY and I’ll talk to him and play with his feet. It’s one of my favorite things in the universe.

Belly Button | It is probably officially popped out, but I expected it to pop out directly from the middle but it’s popped out on the edges. The very center still isn’t out. So whatever that means.

Gender | SQUISHY!

Best moment of the week | My general sense of productivity and visiting my family over the weekend and getting to play with Lee and hold little Asa.

What I miss | Fall. Actually no… Winter. Steven and I have been listening to Owl City’s song “The tip of the iceburg” and dreaming of winter and snow storms.